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Remind 101 Invitation  

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Accelerated Reading Information and Testing Dates  

Accelerated Reading Information 



AR Testing Dates


Period 1-August 28th-November 13th

Period 2-November 16th-February 19th 

Period 3-February 22nd-May 6th  



Accelerated Reading (AR) is a computerized program that helps your child become a better reader. Children are given time to practice reading in class and at home, reading on their own level, and then given time to take tests on the computer. This program is based on the principle that practicing reading will make their reading skills grow. Here are some ways you can help your child become successful with reading and with AR.

1. Read Daily
*Read to your child. Research shows that when parents quit reading to their child the child's fluency level lowers. Reading to your child models fluency.
*Read with your child. Cuddle up and enjoy reading time! The child reads some words/pages and adult reads some words/pages.
* Listen to your child read a book within their reading level. Adult listens while the child reads. Parents support your child by not giving your child unknown words but rather by teaching/reviewing skills to "figure out" unknown words.
*Provide reading time. Provide a time that your child can read to his/herself quietly. Remember to start with short amounts of time (10 minutes) and build up to larger amounts of time.
*Model reading. Parents should read when their children can see them read. Children who see their parents reading value reading. Have a family reading time!


2. Book Talk
*before you read. Take a picture walk. For early and emergent readers look at the pictures throughout the book before reading. Talk about what both child and adult see. Ask your child what they think the book is about - make a prediction. For good readers look at the cover, read the title, look at the illustration, and ask your child to make a prediction about the story.
*Talk while you read. While reading a book ask comprehension questions, ask prediction questions, tell what you think about a particular part, ask your child what they think, and relate the words of the story to the illustrations.
*Talk after you read. Ask your child to tell you the story with the book closed. If your child cannot open the book and turn the pages while asking questions such as "What happens first?" "What happens next?" and story specific questions.

3. Accelerated Reader Testing Tips
*Take notice of the illustrations. AR tests will sometimes ask questions that can only be answered by the illustrations support of the words.
*For shorter books a child should read a book a minimum of 2 times.
*For longer books, such as chapter books, don't wait until the book is done to talk. Talk while your child is reading. "Tell me what's going on in your book?"

4. Reading Strategies for unfamiliar words:
*sound the word out
*look for clues in the picture
*break the word into little words or chunks
*skip the word and read the rest of the sentence - then go back and read the sentence





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Mrs. Dye's Week at a Glance  

What’s Going on In the Classroom

Week of:April 25th-29th

Reading: We will be identifying words spelled with silent letters wr, gn, kn, identifying the cause and effect in our stories as well as similes. 


Writing: We will be writing fairy tales


Grammar: We will identify idefinite pronouns in sentences as well as using commas correctly in sentences. 


Science:We will continue a unit on the characteristics and needs of plants and begin a unit on the chaacteristics and needs of animals.  


Social Studies: 


Math: We will work adding and subtracting fluently to 18.  We will also be solving addition and subtraction facts to and from 10 in 3:00 minutes. 



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Spelling Words for the Week  

           Week of: April 25th-29th


     Pattern: silent letters wr, kn, gn

  • gnat
  • gnu  
  • know  
  • knife  
  • been  
  • write  
  • wrong   
  • cause  
  • dawn  
  • their
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Sight Words for the Week   



For the week of: April 25th-29th




Sight Words

  • been
  • children
  • month
  • question
  • their
  • year
  • book
  • second
  • late
  • idea
  •  The Scoop On Sight Words 

·      Your child will bring home their own individual sight word list on Monday in their homework folders.

·      Your child does not need to know how to spell these words. They just need to be able to read them in and out of text.

·      A sight word test will be given every Friday over your child’s words. Sight word tests will be given on Thursday if we have a Friday holiday.


Need Ideas?


·      Play concentration or memory games with the sight words

·      Have your child practice with magnetic letters on the refrigerator

·      Write sentences for your child and leave the sight word out and make them choose the word that would make sense in the sentence.



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